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In the years I’ve been doing photography, I have been lucky enough to have my work in DVD booklets, album covers, magazine covers, books on artists such as Ian & Sylvia Tyson and countless web sites for musicians such as Jo Hikk, John McDermott and The Canadian Tenors.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a very diverse eye.  When people ask me “what kind of photography do you do?” I find I struggle with the exact answer and end up putting it under the “promotional photography” umbrella.  I like bringing out the best in people with my photographs.  I like finding the bright light in the darkness and vice versa. I’ve worked with folk and country singers both on and off the stage, I’ve worked on film sets for slasher films and throughout it all I’ve found myself growing and always looking for fun ways of bringing out the best in something.


DSC_0234DSC_0233John McDermottStand Back, I'm a LifeguardThis Isn't Fun Anymorelex
SCARS 2It's A Wonderful Day in the Neighbourhood 2It's A Wonderful Day in the NeighbourhoodGeorge Canyon. CMTGeorge Canyon Canada AMSCARS Alley 4
SCARS AlleySense Appeal Lads 2David Newland 2Lace & Flowers, Concrete & SkyFlash Of OrangeThis God Damned Beautiful City


Future BowlingHephaestus' FlameI'm Waiting For The ManPhone CallOut My Back DoorDrip
The Lady Of The Lake Is Calling Me TodayTrollGreen 2GreenMy Day Today (Aug 7, 2010)Little Miss Higgins - Boatshow
The General And His Few Good MenThe TracksThe GardenDSC_0990DSC_0988DSC_0964
McSorley'sDSC_0849I Stand With Aung San Suu Kyi 2I Stand With Aung San Suu KyDSC_0795Green