Robin LeBlanc

Robin LeBlanc is a Toronto-based Promotional Mercenary, providing photography and writing services to musicians, artists, and business organizations for nearly a decade. The combination of photography and writing ability make Robin a double threat for publicity, creating a more seamless and worry-free integration of the client’s needs for their final product.

Professional Photography Services

  • Seven years of experience.
  • Works included in album covers, print media, web sites, and exhibitions.
  • Specializes in high quality promotional portraits.

Robin’s photography has appeared in print media, album covers, DVD supplemental materials, and promotional material. Click here for more info.

Writing & Editing services

  • Helping you tell your story: Informative and concise artist biographies for use on your web site, press releases, or concert programmes. Special attention to voice, grammar, and other mechanics.
  • Making you look as good as you are: Fine-tune editing with sentence-level revision and attention to voice, grammar, concept, and other mechanics.

Specializing primarily in biography and release formulation, Robin’s writing style is both informative and concise while still paying attention to the overall concept and tone of the client and their project. Click here for more info.