Who Am I?

My name is Robin LeBlanc.  I’m 26 and live in Toronto, Canada.  At the moment I’m a photographer and seem to be doing fairly well with it. You might have seen my work in a couple of magazines, the Jo HIkk album “The Game” or most likely, just somewhere on the internets.

I am an experienced videographer/editor with eight years of experience in the industry and have acquired additional training in Humber College’s film and television course. I have filmed and edited videos for such musicians as Jeff Healey, David Clayton-Thomas and Crush Luther and have filmed and edited videos for events such as the fitness trials for Miss World Canada, The Memphis Folk Alliance Conference and John McDermott’s Christmas Special

When I was young I wanted to be an actress and later on I wanted to be a filmmaker. I was educated in the Way Of Film by both my parents and film school.  I’d like to think that all those movies and instruction taught me to look at things that way I do now, which of course helps in my photography.

I’m a dork. Or a geek. Or a nerd. Or whatever the hell it’s called nowadays. I play Dungeons & Dragons while watching Star Trek and have what some might consider an unhealthy obsession over The Ghostbusters.

My love of music is unmatched. Raised in a Music Business Family (my father is a respected music journalist and my mother a publicist who has had some very interesting acts) I grew up listening to and learning about a wide range of music and have since developed tastes that I like to think are a bit diverse.  I’ve found that this upbringing has allowed me to be as diverse as possible.  ESPECIALLY when my clients are musicians, as I can easily adapt to the genre/image they are looking for.

So that’s me. And you are?